Danielle Muzina

Danielle Muzina: Clear Fog (Rijeka), oil on panel, 24 x 24 in., 2014

Robert D'Arista, my mentor at American University, used to say, "Teaching is a privilege." A day doesn't pass that I don't feel the truth of that statement. After many decades of focusing on my own development as a painter, nothing seems so important as playing some small part in passing the torch to a new generation.

Every so often a student comes along who just seems to "get it" - to understand what painting, and what living your life as an artist, is all about. It takes more than talent. It takes a rare hunger for the practice, a need that can only be satisfied by working with materials and the mysterious language of art. It takes a restless curiosity, not only about art and its vocation, but about all that contributes to making us fully human. Danielle Muzina is such a one. She is one of those students that I have truly felt privileged to work with.

Now in her first year in the graduate painting program at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Danielle has already produced a focused, personal, and surprisingly mature body of work combining elements of collage, painting and drawing. I'm proud to share it here.

Danielle Muzina, post on Painting OWU


  1. Thanks for sharing, Frank. You have done your mentor proud through your teaching and inspiration of your students. Danielle has been blessed to have you as a teacher and mentor. Grazie!
    - Dave Muzina


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