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An American Painter in Umbria: Twenty-five Years of Landscapes

I am honored to be participating in this year's Bonazzi Symposium in Perugia, Italy this March. The topic is American Artists in Umbria. The symposium will explore the enduring influence and impact of Italian art and culture on American painters who work in Umbria and Tuscany, what they bring to Italy from America and what they take away. The symposium will also seek answers to important issues in art today such as the role of place in an increasingly global culture. Below are my reflections on the experiences I have had as an American painter working in Italy.

Lago Trasimeno from Monte Gualandro, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 in.

An American Painter in Umbria: Twenty-Five Years of Landscapes
Formative Influences and Early Landscapes Italian painting, particularly that of the 19th century, came onto my radar in a big way in the early 1980s when I was a graduate student at American University in Washington, DC.It was there that I was introduced to the work of the Macchiaioli by three of my tea…

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